Caithness' History

Founded in 1964, Caithness was envisioned as an enabler of unique investment opportunities. Substantial long-term cash flow from invested capital has been a primary objective that resulted in an extensive portfolio of leading-edge, environment-friendly renewable and non-renewable power generation.

The initial investment strategy was to focus on resource exploration, such as gold, silver, oil and gas. In the early 1980's Caithness made the decision to leverage its experience in resource exploration to gain market share in the geothermal power industry. For nearly a decade Caithness concentrated its efforts almost exclusively on the development of three domestic geothermal projects: the 270 megawatt (MW) Coso Geothermal Project in California and both the 25 MW Dixie Valley and 13 MW Steamboat Geothermal Projects in Nevada. Momentum gained from these initiatives enabled expansion into other areas of the Independent Power Production industry during the 1990's such as renewable solar and wind solutions, as well as simple and combined-cycle natural-gas powered generating facilities.

Caithness and its affiliates have successfully developed, operated, and owned interests in 35 operating power projects including over 2,000 MW of gas turbine projects, 440 MW of wind projects, 350 MW of geothermal projects, 160 MW of solar projects, and 60 MW of diesel projects. Today, Caithness is currently developing wind, solar and natural gas fired projects while invested in and/or providing O&M and asset management services for over 2,000 MW of capacity in the Unites States.

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